An object to group users of your product

api_slug: workspaces
singular_noun: Workspace
plural_noun: Workspaces 	

The Workspace object is available in every Attio workspace, but disabled by default. It can only be activated by a workspace admin, in the objects settings page.

Workspaces represent a grouping of users, or an account, in your product. Workspaces can belong to a company and have multiple users.

Writeable attributes

IDworkspace_idTextUnique, required
UsersusersRecord referenceRelationship, inverse of User -> workspaces, multiselect
CompanycompanyRecord referenceRelationship, inverse of Company -> associated_workspaces
Avatar URLavatar_urlTextSimilar to Company logo_url

Workspaces have a single unique attribute, workspace_id, which can be used for assertions, or you can add your own.