An object to represent users of your product

api_slug: users
singular_noun: User
plural_noun: Users

The User object is available in every Attio workspace, but disabled by default. It can only be activated by a workspace admin, in the Objects settings page.

Users represent a user of your product. They are related to a Person, have an email address, and an ID attribute that is defined by your system. Users are grouped together in Workspaces.

Writeable attributes

PersonpersonRecord referenceRelationship, inverse of Person -> associated_users
Primary email addressprimary_email_addressTextRequired, unique - this is usually their login email in your system
IDuser_idTextRequired, unique - this is usually their ID in your system
WorkspacesworkspaceRecord referenceRelationship, inverse of Workspace -> users

Users can be asserted by either their primary_email_address or user_id unique attributes, or you can add your own.