Core concepts

This section covers the core concepts you’ll encounter in your work with the Attio API.

First, here is an overview of some of the domain-specific terms you'll see in the rest of our documentation.

Users, workspaces & members

Not to be confused with our standard objects users and workspaces

A user is a login account with Attio. For example, a person who has signed up to Attio with the email [email protected].

A workspace is a company account with objects, records, lists and such. Every user has at least one workspace created when signing up for the first time. Some users will have multiple workspaces when they are members of large organisations with multiple workspaces, or for testing and development purposes.

Since users can join multiple workspaces, we use the workspace member concept to represent a single user in a single workspace (this also encapsulates their permissions, such as whether they are an admin).

All access to the Attio API is scoped to a single workspace, so you will never interact with users directly. Instead, user-level data such as email addresses are accessed through workspace member APIs.


Integrations are a grouping of access tokens, webhooks, scopes and configuration related to the developer API.

You can view the Integrations you have created within the “Developers” tab of your workspace settings.

What’s Next

Next, let's look at Particle, Attio's fundamental data model