Standard objects

Companies and people are available in all workspaces

Every Attio workspace starts with a company and person object, and admins can optionally enable the deal, user and workspace standard objects if it meets their needs.

These 5 objects come with a pre-defined set of attributes. As a developer, you can rely on being able to read and write from/to these predefined (or "system") attributes. Admins can also add custom attributes to any of these objects, or create new custom objects with custom attributes on those.

For more information about Attio objects, please check out our help center guide.

Developers can interact with both standard and custom objects in the same ways, using e.g. the assert a Record API, but the following pages go into more detail about exactly which attributes you might find and how to read/write them for these.

Attributes on every object

created_atTimestampNoWhen the record was created, defaults to current timestamp (see Default values)
(which actor created the record)
Actor referenceNoWhich actor created the record, defaults to current user in web application, or the integration in API
record_idText (UUID)NoThe unique identifier for the record, available as an attribute value to allow easy querying