An object to represent businesses: customers, partners, peers...

api_slug: companies
singular_noun: Company
plural_noun: Companies

The company object is available in every Attio workspace. Companies represent businesses, such as customers, partners, suppliers, etc.

When creating a person, a related company record will automatically be generated or matched based on the domain of the person's email address, but they can also be created manually via the web application or the API.

Company records are enriched, which means that Attio will automatically populate additional attributes, and those enriched values cannot be overridden by API users. Additionally, some enriched attributes may be hidden from the API depending on the workspace billing plan.

Writable attributes

The following attributes can always be read and written using the API:

DomainsdomainsDomainUnique, multiselect
TeamteamRecord referenceRelationship, inverse of Person -> company, multiselect
Primary locationprimary_locationLocation
Associated dealsassociated_dealsRecord referenceRelationship, inverse of Deal -> associated_companies (only visible if Deals activated
Associated workspacesassociated_workspacesRecord referenceRelationship, inverse of Workspace -> company (only visible if Workspaces activated)

Example: asserting a company

Company has a single unique attribute, domains, which can be used to either create a new company if there is none with a matching value, or update an existing company record. Other unique attributes can also be added and used for assertion if desired.