Learn about our API and how to build integrations

Attio is a revolutionary CRM platform which is highly customisable, incredibly powerful and data-driven. In these guides, you can find everything you need to build powerful integrations, automations and data pipelines on top of Attio.

Our public API allows you to manipulate records, lists, notes, tasks and more, while our webhooks allow you to react to events in realtime. Your integrations can be for a single workspace, if you're just building for yourselves, or you can use OAuth 2.0 to create integrations for multiple workspaces. Finally, we can help promote your integration in our help documentation and in the product itself.

If you're looking to get started without writing any code, we also have a number of pre-built integrations like Zapier or Segment. You can find the full list of integrations here.

Finally, for general non-developer documentation about Attio, please check out our help portal.

Otherwise, let's set up your first integration.