An object to represent deals involving people & companies

api_slug: deals
singular_noun: Deal
plural_noun: Deal

The Deal object is available in every Attio workspace, but disabled by default. It can only be activated by a workspace admin, in the objects settings page.

Writeable attributes

Deal stagestageStatusRequired - by default one of "Lead", "In Progress", "Won 🎉", "Lost" (workspaces can configure these status options)
Deal ownerownerActor referenceRequired
Deal valuevalueCurrencyDefaults to USD, can be changed
Associated peopleassociated_peopleRecord referenceRelationship, inverse of Person -> associated_deals
Associated companyassociated_companyRecord referenceRelationship, inverse of Company -> associated_deals

Note that deals do not have a unique attribute by default. This means that they cannot be automatically asserted without adding an additional unique attribute.